About Us

We regularly re-examine why we are in business and attempt to understand what motivates us to improve ourselves. Our goal is to see our clients grow with their businesses.

Bruce Muschamp started Numerical Brass Computing Ltd (NBC) in 1995. He decided he would provide computers to brass musicians in Christchurch, New Zealand; after his first sale, he realised that he had saturated the market. A change in tack was due, and so he has since taken his business in new directions. But he has not abandoned his roots; some of Numerical business relationships date back to the early days in 1995.

Since 2007, the company direction has shifted towards software development. The first software engineer was hired in 2012 and the second in 2013. Currently, NBC consists of four people: Bruce Muschamp (1995), Luke Cossey (2012), Brendon Muschamp (2013) and Ivan Ignatov (2013).